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Services We Provide

  • Digital Marketing.
  • Ecommerce.
  • Website Development.
  • IoT Products.
  • IT Solution.
  • Training Program.

About Us

Ayeyawaddy Engineering Group, AEG is a creative and developing company in Digital and Information Technology industries. We are starting at 2019 to develop the IT industries and expandable for more technical innovation and challenge. We are ready to make easy and smart for your work with the helps of our talented and skilled developers, solutions architectures and IT Engineers.

Our Business

As Ayeyarwaddy Engineering Group, we operate various industries such as Telecommunications, Information Technology Services, Digital Economy & Other Businesses and Services.


Digital Marketing

  • Facebook Marketing
  • Chatbot Marketing
  • Website Marketing
  • Other Sale Marketing


  • Agora
  • ACME Online Marketing
  • Proud of Myanmar Online Wholesale Marketing

Web Devlopment

  • Ayeyarwaddy Group Co.Ltd
  • KaTay Fin-Tech Website
  • Myanmar Double Diamond Co.Ltd Website


  • Smart City Project.

IT Solution

  • Database Backup
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Network Architecture
  • Help Desk Support
  • IT Consulting

Training Program

  • Basic Concepts (Level 1)
  • Advanced Concepts (Level 2)
  • Job Effective Concepts (Level 3)

Our Projects

With expertise of project management, we have done so many projects concerned with the fields of IT, e-commerce,
website development & digital marketing. We are beginning the new projects and our aim is to become the growth of businesses.

  • Smart City Project

    We collaborate with SC-Nex Pte Ltd and SCSKMM in Smart City Project (POC). We installed devices and sensors for Smart Lighting , Asset Tracking, Water Turbidity, Water Meter, Environmental, Waste Mangement, And Air Quality. Using the LoRaWan technology, sensors are connected to the gateways and send data to Network Server. Smart lighting features include energy conservation and environmental efficiencies, such as streetlights that dim when the roads are empty. Air quality and Environmental sensor data can be used to combat climate change and air pollution. Water Turbidity sensor is so useful to inspect water quality for City. Smart Water meters can help City government to read data and charge the user easily.Waste Management and asset tracking system can make the finest solution for Waste management problems.

    Smart City Project
  • AEG Training Program

    This program intends to young people who are interested in the field of IT & management. We started and developed this program to solve effectively for the lose of job opportunities and educational learning process for all during Covid-19 peroid currently.

    We are distinguished by three levels for training program. Level 1 is basic concept, Level 2 is advanced concept & Level 3 is job effective concept. Our training period is three months and the timetable is on Monday to Friday weekly. Our goal is to create the workplace for all learners.

    AEG Training Program

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